Coaching - Rosehill BC

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The club at present has 1 - Grade 2 and 3 - Grade 1 coaches and therefore is able to offer appropriate coaching as set by the English Bowls Society and Bowls Development Alliance.

This consists of four sessions where we cover aspects of the game including:  delivery, control, speed, direction of the bowl and rules of the game.

Purposeful practice options are also suggested which are to ensure that any practice (roll-ups) is carried out to a set of objectives.

New players are encouraged to attend Tuesday ‘Club Night’ where experienced members will guide you in different aspects of the game.  We also organise teams on the night so you can experience playing as part of a team.

Experienced players sometimes need help to put them back on track, so never be afraid to ask if you have any problems.  We want you to get the most from playing the game and being a member of our club.

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