Brick Lane Music Hall - Rosehill BC

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Brick Lane Music Hall

We had an outing to the Music Hall on 17th March – St Patrick’s Day.

Twenty Two members and guests took a coach from the Spinning Wheel at Mid-day and we arrived about 1 o’clock. The Music Hall, which started in 1992 in Brick Lane, Whitechapel is now installed in an old Church in Silvertown, just to the rear of the City Airport. The interior of the building, whilst it can still be seen as a church, is wonderfully decorated to give a good atmosphere for old time music hall.

We were seated to the rear of the hall on a raised platform which afforded a good view of the proceedings. We were served afternoon tea about 3.15 which comprised double deck sandwiches, Danish pastries, scones with jam and cream and small cream cakes. Tea and coffee were plentiful.

The show, which had a distinct Irish Theme, continued after tea until about 4.45 when, after a rousing sing-along, we left to take the coach home, arriving back at the Spinning Wheel about 6.30.

The staff were very attentive and generally the whole show was just good fun and I am sure all in our party thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I am considering arranging a further trip to the Music Hall mid-September for a Cockney Sing-Song and should any members be interested I will be posting a notice at the Club shortly.

IF you should put your name down, please BE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND. The date will be between the 14th & 20th and the dates I am considering are the 14thor 15th – Wednesday or Thursday     
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